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Precious Gems Roughs from Aksema Gems

Aksema Gems provides finest and tested quality of different precious gems roughs from around the world.

Aksema Gems provides selected and assorted gems rough from around the world. We have rough of Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Green Garnet, Cats eye gemstonce etc. We are procuring these gems stones from around the world and after finishing and assorting provide them to clients. We give confirmation of quality and genuinity of each gem stone purchased from Aksema Gems.

   Providing gems stones from 1cts to 200cts and more.

    Most of our gems are well tested of quality before delivering to clients.

    We can also provide low quality precious gems stones as per the clients requriements.

    Our gems roughs are not limited to few items as shown in the ociture gallery, we can also procure any types of gems rough for the clients. For more details and prices of precious gems roughs please contact us at info@syntheticgems.co.in

Precious Gems Roughs

  • Ruby Gem Rough

  • Emerald Gems Rough

  • Emerald Gems Rough

  • Ruby Gems Rough

  • Sapphire Gem Rough

  • Sapphire Gems Rough

  • Green Garnet Rough

  • Fluorite Gen Rough

  • catseye Gems Rough

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