Birth Stones from Aksema Gems
Get Genuine Precious and Semi Precious Birthstones from Aksema

Aksema Gems provides finest and tested quality of different precious gems for induvidual clients looking for birth stones of Ruby, Emerald, Yellow Sapphore, Blue sapphire, catseye etc.

We manufacture birthstone gems as per the requriement of the client. We have the best manufacturing facility and can make any quality and size of birthstone for the clients.

   We manufacture bithstone size from 4.5 cts to 7.5 cts.

    Inform the client about the origin of gemstone and making the final product as per the requirement of the clinet.

    Providing certificate of authentication with each birthstone.

    Aksema gems also provide semi precious and substitute gems if the client is just looking for testing the effect of the birthstone. For more details and prices of precious gems birthstone please contact us at

Birthstone from Eksema Gems

  • Ruby: 4.5 cts -7.5 cts

  • Emerald: 3.5 cts - 7.5 cts

  • Yellow Sapphire: 2.5 cts - 7.5 cts

  • Blue Sapphire: 1.5 cts - 8.5 cts

  • Catseye: 3.5 cts - 7.5 cts

  • Aiolite: 3.5 cts - 7.5 cts

  • Garnet: 3.5 cts - 7.5 cts

  • Diamond (Moissanite):3.5 cts - 7.5 cts

  • Amythyst: 3.5 cts - 7.5 cts

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